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What is Paneer?

Mentioned as far back as 6000 BC, Paneer is a fresh cheese similar to queso blanco: moist, soft, and crumbly with a mild, milky flavor and subtle tang. Frequently used in South Asian cuisine, paneer is a versatile, non-melting cheese that is often used like tofu in many of the region’s dishes. Paneer is made without rennet, making it an ideal protein choice for vegetarians. Expertly handcrafted Royal Mahout Paneer is made with only the highest quality milk for an authentic, creamy taste and firm texture. The addition of unique flavor profiles such as Chipotle Pepper, Jalapeno, Salted, and Turmeric & Black Pepper opens Royal Mahout Paneer up to a world of culinary fusion through stir fry, tacos, or salads.

Paneer Flavors

Original Paneer

5 lb. and 12 oz.

Turmeric & BlackPepper Paneer

5 lb. and 10 oz.

Jalapeno Paneer

5 lb. and 10 oz.

Chipotle Paneer

5 lb. and 10 oz.

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